Think I would say I actively sit down and say to myself “Now its time to Meditate”  but if I think about it, sometimes when I lay in the bath and close my eyes, 15 or even 25 mins will pass by, I guess you can call that meditation too.

Listening to my favourite podcasts or relaxation tape and drifting off into mindfulness.

I find many benefits of meditating, listed below are what I find to be my personal benefits of meditating.

1. Reduce Stress

2. Controls anxiety

3. Promotes emotional health

4. Enhances self awareness 

5. Lengthens your attention span

6. Improves sleep.

You can meditate anywhere you would like.

In the Bath, on the Sofa, lying down or even if you find stressful days stuck in traffic, pull over to the side or a car park and just switch the engine off and relax for 10 mins.

How I meditate

Simple steps can be taken to have a peaceful and mindful meditation session.

. Choose a comfortable position

. Close your eyes if you wish 

. Relax your body and your mind

. And enjoy the next 20 minutes of peace

These are all of my own personal experiences and opinions, take away from this what you need and what you find helpful.

Thank you.